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              Hydraulic Pullers Products

              ??Vehicle-mounted hydraulic wheel pullers


              SV23T series hydraulic cart puller is used for disassembling many transmission parts, such as bearings, clutches, bushes, gears and moer.

              25mm horizontal adjustment and 5 degrees vertical adjustment for highly accurate centering;

              Fully automatic control; The complete pulling operation can be finished via a button box;

              It takes only 30 seconds for the hydraulic cylinder to realize the whole stroke by using an electric pump station;

              Double acting hydraulic cylinder for shortened return and increased working efficiency;

              Claw hook is made from forged steel for high hardness and durability;

              The opening of claw hook is controlled by solenoid valve for shortened adjustment time;

              Anti-skid design;

              Self-centering function;

              Cart with two swivel casters for self locking;

              220V-1.1KW electric hydraulic pump station used as power source.



              Wooden case packing

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