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              Universal Equipments Products

              ??Synchronous hydraulic lifting systems


              Modular lifting system to control 4, 8, 12, 16,24, 32,64 lifting pointes.

              Accuracy Over Full Stroke: ± 0.5 mm.

              The lifting point could support up to 2,000 tons with 64 points system, the total max lifting capacity up to 128,000 tons. Customized cylinder capacity could be offered.

              Maximum Operating Pressure: 700 bar.

              Connect to single- or double-acting cylinders with the same or different lifting capacities.

              Data storage and recording capabilities.

              Variable frequency drive motor and PLC for precise synchronization and oil flow control., the deviation is less than ± 0.5 mm.

              Load and stroke alarms for optimal safety.

              Intuitive user interface with touch screen providing easy set up, control and navigation.

              VVVF closed-loop control system, PWM closed-loop control system with PWM open-loop control system could meet different requirements.


              Precise control of multiple lift points

              Safe and efficient movement of loads

              Ease of operation and user friendly

              A single operator controls the entire operation

              Monitoring and Data Recording

              Displays data of the operation

              Data recording at user-defined intervals

              Data storage and read-out for reporting

              Network capability and Ethernet IP protocol

              Applicable Industry

              House translation.

              Bridge construction Supporting.

              Off-shore oil plant drilling platform supporting and equipment testing.

              Used for weighing and transferring massive and heavy objects.


              Shanghai - Beijing High Speed Railway Yangtze River Bridge Project.

              Shanghai Baosteel testing and installing project.

              Hydropower plant installing of Chinese government’s three gorge dam project.


              Alternative Accessories

              Please refer to our hydraulic cylinder catalog to choose your specified cylinders capacity, stroke, and collapsed height:

              Single acting hydraulic cylinder

              Capacity: 5-1000 ton

              Stroke: 5 to 500 mm

              Collapsed height: max up to 1000mm

              Double acting hydraulic cylinder

              Capacity: 30-1000 ton

              Spring return for low tonnage models, outside power forced return

              Stroke: 5 to 500 mm

              Collapsed height: max up to 1000mm


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