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              Bolting Tools Products

              ??1500bar internal thread hydraulic tensioners


              This hydraulic bolt tensioner is not only extensively used to pre-tighten and disassemble the bolts of high-pressure containers, but also used for bolt tensioning and product assembly in different industries such as large-sized diesel engines, water turbines, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, nuclear power, military equipment, shipbuilding, vehicles, construction machinery etc. It can precisely control the tensile force of bolts.

              1. Stroke: 10-15 mm.

              2. Max. Tensile Force: 126-4573 kN.

              3. Standard working pressure: 1500bar.

              4. Small size, compact structure.

              5. Each piston has internal thread. Thread size ranges from M16 to M100.



              Wooden case packing

              After sales service

              One year for free repair and replacement

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